Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nursery in progress :)

Well I only thought that blogging was on hold!

Then I realized that I really want to share our baby's nursery as it is progressing along :) That's pretty harmless information, right?.. haha.
Although Stuart might disagree. He has been over my "should we do this or that?", "what do you think?", "do you like this.. are you sure?", "is this unisex enough?".. and on and on.
I'm actually enjoying the search for what I want and what I like but I think its getting on his nerves a little.
Shopping has never been his thing and looking at squirrels, monsters, and abc's isn't really opening up a new hobby for him!
For me, that's another story! :)

And speaking of "story" that's our quote unquote theme for the nursery.
We didn't really want to do a theme like a lot of nurseries but soon realized that we did need an actual idea for the decor, otherwise it will be a hodge-podge of various, random, albeit cute, crap.

SO we started with birds and cupcakes as the idea, then went to monsters.. yes! monsters!.. but cute ones, kinda Hanna Barbera silly/cute/friendly ones.
We came across a super-cute print and awesome bedding that would be perrrrfect!
Only problem was the cost of the bedding.. $270 for the set.. definitely not the most expensive we've found but still too pricey for us :(

HOWEVER at one online store, we did see another super-cute set of bedding from the exact same line BUT on sale! Woop woop!
It wasn't anything that would even remotely go with the "friendly monster" theme.. but it was still adorable and did I mention ON SALE? ;)

So once I was on that path, my etsy and other internet store searching and browsing continued... and continued..

Finally, we have a set "theme" and more importantly Stuart and I both like it AND equally importantly, it is gender-neutral, which means that we can proceed with it now!..
instead of waiting 5 or 6 more months (hopefully only that long!!) until we receive our referral and know whether its a boy or girl. SO we're very excited about this!

It makes us feel like we're actually doing this! I mean its one thing having an empty crib and shell of a nursery.. but having the personality and character and warmth of a real baby's room.. Awwww :)

So happy.. warm fuzzies.. which I needed, I'll be honest.

I know no less than 6 pregnant people right now and I'm so incredibly happy for them but seeing their bellies grow and hearing about their doctor visits and watching their lives visibly change in front of my eyes.. well, its hard to not feel a little self-pity for what we're missing.
Boo hoo, right?
I know its part of the process but this waiting is just so... removed. Its like something is happening but not really.. not like it is for them anyway.

Until we get that actual photo with a real face and we can give them a real name, its still like its a story or fantasy.. kind of ironic, I guess that we chose "storybook" for our nursery then.
Ha.. never put the two together, maybe my subconscious thinks we're nuts and still making stuff up! Oh well, won't it be surprised in a few months :)

SO that's the deal-io!

Now I'm going to attempt to post pics of the stuff! Haven't received it yet but as soon as we have it in and up, we'll post pics of that too!
So here goes....

Ack! I can't figure out how to post random pics from websites! I've done my own from our computer or camera or flickr pics before but this is difficult.. Hmmpft!
Any help??

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Christine said...

I love hearing about nursery decor, and yours sounds so cute! I can't wait to see pictures! (I'm probably not the one to ask about help with downloading--sorry!)

I know what you mean about pregnancies and the wait. I felt that way, too. It just doesn't feel real until that referral...hopefully yours isn't too far away!