Monday, January 26, 2009

The beginning...

So, here goes..
This isn't really "the beginning" of our adoption story. The "want" has been developing for over 10 years. Its just that its finally happening! FINALLY! Wow... its been a long time coming.
And actually, its still 'in the process'. We have found an agency that may be 'the one'. They have an adoption seminar on March 10 that we will definitely attend.
Our plan is to hopefully turn in our application this Fall. We are wanting to save as much money as we can until then. That way, we can be prepared, in case no grants or gifts come our way. Because adoption is kinda expensive... Let's be honest, its really expensive ;)
But if we're going to scrimp and save, we'd rather it be for a human being than for a load of crap that we'd definitely be buying.
So that's the story for now. Saving $$ and reading... books, blogs, websites.
And prayer, lots and lots of prayer!
We are praying and believing that God will lead us to the right little soul... even on the other side of the world.
For years, we've had China on our hearts because the need was so great. But now that our ability to adopt is becoming a reality, China is no longer an option. The anticipated wait for new applicants is now 7 years. Seriously. As if their orphanages are suddenly empty! Right.
We were unbelievably disappointed. But prayed and opened our hearts again to whatever God wants for us... He put this desire on our hearts to begin with and it was definitely for a reason.
We believe that reason is in Korea.
Ah, but life is always ever changing... who knows how the story will actually unfold?
So, if you want to stay updated on our adventure, we'll do our best to keep blogging.
There is certainly a long road ahead of us... but we're on it!
Lord, we're on it!