Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moving Day!!!

Thank God we only have one more day of living like this.... well in this house anyway!

I'm sure it will take quite a while to get everything unpacked at the new house...

OUR house :)

Ah well, that's the way moving works right?

There will be plenty of time to get things in their perfect place.

OR we can just shove it all in the basement! Better not start that already though... 

We need to at least start off by being organized... or try to anyway.

That's why Mom came to help! ;)  ha.

Anyway, we'll be off-line without internet service until Tuesday. Moving, moving, moving... So no blogging until then.

But we'll post pics of our new digs early next week!! 

Our sweet little yellow house.... awwwww.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning random Korean.. Lesson 6

Our OWN little Adoption Fundraiser..

So we just printed our 1st Adoption Fundraiser fliers!!

We're posting a few at each of our jobs, hoping for generosity and pack-rat behavior from our coworkers..
Basically we have a bunch of our own crap that we won't have room for in our new, little, storage-challenged house. So we have a garage of stuff that HAS to go... and soon!
So why not have a big, fat, fundraising yard sale?

And we might as well see if any of our coworkers and friends have any junk that they want to unload.. ahem, I mean "donate" to our cause.
Everyone has a stash at the bottom of a closet or in a corner of their garage that they've been "meaning" to take to Goodwill.
Hopefully they'll give it to us instead. And then maybe someone will want to give us a few bucks for it and we'll be even closer to bringing our baby home!

Every little bit helps.

Summer Giveaway!!! :)

An amazing giveaway is currently happening in Blog-World!!

Fellow adopter/blogger/Summer... seriously, her name is also "Summer". Crazy, huh?
There are so few of us, especially adopting from Korea! We have to stick together.

So anyway, I'm letting anyone and everyone that might possibly be reading my silly, little, recently lame blog (sorry for my lack of postings lately) know that you could win a super-cool Mac Book Computer... AND be helping an incredible family as they get closer to their baby. Its a great computer and only 5 bucks to enter.
Baby J's MACBook Giveaway

Everyone likes to help but no one ever knows how...
Well this is how, people! And every little bit really does help!

So do it!!!!
You'll be changing lots of lives and maybe even your own...
Mmmm, Apple ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

We did it!!!

Just moments after signing our lives away... ;)

Here we are with our amazing realtor, Gina Waters.

What a day!!!

We're sooo excited!

And tired.. spending all of that money is incredibly exhausting.. haha

Closing Day. Signing.. signing.... signing

We are closing on our house today at 1:00.
Getting a little nervous now.. I guess that's pretty normal...

Our real estate agent said that we should do some hand exercises this morning so our fingers don't cramp while we are signing our names a bazillion times!

We plan to go to our house (yay!) after the paper-signing-extravaganza to measure for a refrigerator. We've already picked our washer and dryer but choosing a refrigerator is a little more difficult for some reason.... too many choices.

While we're out and about, we'll probably stop at Home Depot (our first of many, many trips, I'm sure) to check out their ceiling fans. I must, must, must have a ceiling fan at night.
My body seriously turns into a furnace around 3am, but for hours before that, my feet and hands are popsicles... What's the deal?
Hormones, no doubt.
Annnnnd I'm turning into my mother! :)

Anywho, that's the story from here.

Big day. Big step. Kinda cool.